Need to 'Clean Up' your hard drive?
Try some of these Shareware tools
  • Uncertain about the kinds of files that might be hidden on your hard drive?
  • Need to check what the kids get up to on the computer when you are not around?
  • Don't know how to delete the disturbing files you just found?
  • Need your computer serviced but you're afraid of what your technician might find?
  • Know there are files there but are unsure where to look for them?
  • Want to delete or look at your internet history cache?
  • Want a complete parental controls software solution that will help you check your computer for all kinds of unwanted files, such as -
    • Internet Cache
    • Pictures
    • Movies
    • Log Files
    • Hidden Files
    • Compressed Files
    • Obscene Language in text files
    and will allow review, deletion, and reporting, of the offending articles?

    Please take the time to download and try some of the Shareware tools listed here. These tools have been individually tested by our staff and have been deemed worth the download.
Clean-Up Tools

Try these software tools to clean your computer of unwanted data that you suspect or know is there. Remove porn spam, delete spyware, clear out personal internet records or just make sure your system is tidy.

Anonymous Surfing Protects your identity by hiding your IP address from prying eyes.
Free 7-day Trial Download
HistoryKill Protects your internet history by deleting it and making it unrecoverable.
Free 15-day Trial Download
Media Detective Targets data known to contain pornography and other inappropriate material.
Free 30-day Trial Download
Internet Sweeper Pro Erases all traces of internet activity on your computer.
Tracks Eraser Pro Protects your information and covers your tracks by removing your internet history.
Free Trial Download
Snitch Can scan your computer for all kinds of inappropriate files, including adult content.
Free 30-day Trial Download
Window Washer Ensures your privacy and frees up your disk space by extensively scrubbing your data clean.
Free Trial Download
Evidence Eliminator Deletes data using a process similar to US Government Military standards.
Content Audit ContentAudit checks your computer for sites, words, and file names that might be objectionable
iClean Clears computer and internet files, cache and history files and delete cookies.
SpyGuard Detects spy software and monitoring software that is running on the target system.
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