Internet Sweeper Pro by Ladybug Software
Feature Summary


Erase all internet history with Internet Sweeper Pro

Internet Sweeper Pro protects your privacy by erasing all traces of internet activity on your computer.

Key features of Internet Sweeper Pro include:-

  • Allows you to remove all kinds of internet history including the cache, typed internet
       addresses, search history, cookies, autocomplete memory, recently opened
       documents, run/save history, temp files, and your web browser's index.dat
  • Plugins enable you to keep track of up to 50 applications including the playlists of
       media players such as Realplayer and QuickTime, and recently opened documents of
       programs such as Office and Adobe Acrobat
  • Allows you to choose what is to be erased
  • Available as Shareware for a cost of $39.95.


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