Media Detective by Tap Tap Software
Feature Summary


Clean up your computer and internet history with Media Detective

Media Detective is designed to specifically target data known to contain pornography and other inappropriate material, allowing you to view the material found and delete inappropriate files as you see fit.

Key features of Media Detective include:-

  • Checks images, video files, audio files, HTML documents, compressed files, document
       files, and internet cookies
  • Identifies files by skin-tone analysis, keyword analysis, and content verification
  • Allows you to choose what is to be deleted
  • Allows parents and teachers to monitor which sites are being visited and which files
       are being saved on the hard drive by children
  • Enterprise version also capable of scanning enterprise networks
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 2000/ME
  • Cost is $49.95, with a free 30-day trial also available.


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