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SpyGuard by Guardian Software
Feature Summary


SpyGuard features

Deleting your Internet History and Cache files will NOT protect you against programs like Spector and eBlaster because the computer records all computer activity in a secret location that ONLY the person who is spying on you can access. In fact, some very popular programs actually send the recorded information via email from your computer, so you can't delete the recorded information because it isn't stored on your computer -- it is stored on THEIRS!

Virus detectors can't stop these spy programs. Firewalls can't stop them. Cookie blockers can't stop them. SpyGuard can!

Spy Software Detection

SpyGuard will not only DETECT these programs but it will let you know EXACTLY which spy programs are running on your computer and it will then DESTROY these programs and all of their recorded information.

Special Stealth Protection

And because of its intelligent design, the entire Spyguard program can fit on a floppy disk or CD, or can be downloaded in just a few minutes. This means you can use Spyguard whenever you want to without ever having to keep it permanently on your computer. Nobody but you will know you are protecting yourself with this powerful software.



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