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Arabic Sex - Clear your computer of Pornography


Do you need to clean your computer of unwanted 'arabic sex' images and movies? Use Snitch software to keep your computer free of arabic sex material - check for adult files on your computer hard drive. Snitch is capable of finding and deleting images, movies, internet activity history, hidden files, files inside compressed files, and pornographic content of various types, including arabic sex images and movies. Snitch is able to search for images containing nudity, files with obscene text or suspicious content, and will then present these files for inspection. The resulting files can be sorted, viewed / opened, deleted, etc. The professional version of Snitch has additional enterprise features, such as reporting, network abilities, additional search modes, etc.

Snitch can also be used to organize image collections, sort and view files of various types, or to check a computer to see where unwanted files are located on the HDD. The recovered files can then be handled in various ways, including sorted according to filename obscenity, nudity content, etc. and ultimately deleted if required.

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