Pokemon Porn And Simpsons Porn - Are they Kiddie Porn?


Applications for cleaning up pornography

Some recent events in the Australian court system have set a precedent for labling cartoon porn that involves children or childlike characters as 'kiddie porn', even though the depicted characters are entirely fictional. A man was found with Simpsons porn on his computer (porn involving the characters from the television program The Simpsons). The judge ruled that he was in posession of child pornography because the characters involved appeared to be children performing sexual acts with each other and with parents.

This ruling could be extended to included other cartoon porn, of which there is more and more being created, such as Pokemon Porn, Family Guy porn; and virtually any other TV show that involves animated characters has a following of interested internet viewers that want to see them involved sexually in amatuer porn with one another and sometimes intermingling with characters from other shows.



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