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Why You Must Have a Clean Disk

Essentially all pornographic file 'disk cleaners' are made for finding text files and checking for undesirable words as part of their scanning protocols. The software begins by comparing key phrases with a large bank of keywords pre-determined to be suspect. Examples of these are obscene words and sexually charged or other hot topics; improper content such as racism related items, aggression or violence material, hatred remarks or other topics of interest; improper system use; all of these can be detected and then displayed as the results on the result pages. Any suspicious files may be opened individually for in depth review on the results pages, so that a decision is made on how to cleanup each item as required.

Deleting files that have heavily 'adult' based content, may be undertaken using one of the special purpose detection tools developed for just this job. Most of these key executables are created to remove porn video and images from folders on the system drives so as to enhance drive performance. Porn detection products are special purpose products designed to quickly clean disk as well as delete unwanted pornography on your personal computer with ease. Most of these most often do scans like image recovery, video file scans, drive cleanup plus much more.


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