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Preparing to Clean Hard Drive - Using The Right Tools

Image analysis is an important step when using a program to check your computer storage drives to locate unwanted porn material. Adult material often takes image form, and in typical cases, viewers of such material store the best ones on their local disk drive(s) so they can be found later. It is therefore important for hard disk cleaning tools to be able to tell apart normal and abnormal images, and present them in a useful way for the operator of the software to be able to review. This involves testing of the files to see if inappropriate images exist. The initial test is finding levels of skin color in the image. Regardless, presence of skin is not the only indicator, since scenery can contain color ranges like that of skin. So after skin color is located in the file, more advanced related tests might be done to further test the images, to draw out the inappropriate items from normal ones, including limb isolation, statistical analysis, and many more. Identified items are prepared and displayed for review.

Tidying up your hard drive infected with inappropriate or related materials, can be done by one of many custom designed software programs that are made available from the associated websites. Many of these automated utilities are intended to detect and clean inappropriate files from hard disks and at the same time, help improve drive responsiveness. File scanning products are created to rapidly clean hard drive as well as clean up the unwanted suggestive or crude imagery found in your computer immediately. Most of these products (with some exceptions) undertake picture detection, movie format tests, disk drive cleanup and various other tests.


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