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The subject of porn on computers and the internet is a touchy one, to say the least. The fact is that, even those strongly opposed to it can still become unwittingly exposed to it, even despite having protection in place. It can end up on your hard drive via email, or by clicking on an innocent looking search engine link that turns out to be a porn site, or it can be saved on your PC by another member of the family through the use of a CD or DVD.

If your computer is used by members of the household other than yourself, the fact is that any security measures you may have in place are not likely to be completely foolproof. You never know what might have slipped through the cracks, or what might have been saved by whom on the hard disk. If you want to check your computer for unwanted adult material, and if you want to clean up any porn you may find, the best strategy may be to use a software program specially designed to locate and clean porn from any hard drive or portable media.

With this kind of program at your disposal, locating and removing adult content is generally quick and painless. The more powerful versions of this type of software can check a wide variety of file types including text files, HTML documents, images, movies, audio files and compressed files. At the end of the search the program will produce for you a list of all suspicious files and allow you to remove those files you deem inappropriate for your family.


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