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Clean Porn -

There is an ever growing selection of cleanup utilities that in each case, view drive cleanup techniques from alternative points of view. Various software products can be found now, that help users clean porn as well as perform other cleaning functions. However there are more things these applications can perform; a few of them are also able to do clean up orphaned data, check the drive for porn and remove it, detect pirated software, and find out how to recover disk space.

Hard drive cleaning utilities can be found in several distinct flavors. The most popular seem to be the hard disk cleaners like Microsoft's Disk Cleanup utility, that are used to get rid of non-critical files and recover wasted space. Another class is the Privacy Cleaner style utilities that remove signs of internet browsing and clean up lists of URLs typed stored as history within your browser records, software such as Privacy Eraser. Another type of utility is the 'porn remover', which is specifically used to disclose the presence of pornography and inappropriate material and assists the user in deletion of the ones that should not be there. One more group of cleaners comprising disk 'washing' software which can overwrite with 1s and 0s, random data remaining on the hard drive's slack space, so no matter what methods are used, it cannot be retrieved.