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Clean Porn -

It can be argued that it is easy to find inappropriate content while accessing the web. Or inappropriate files may be downloaded from peer to peer networks. On occasion when we are exposed to files, coming across disturbing imagery can cause surprise or shock and in the process, this can leave undesirable files on the computer being used. Products have been developed that say they can implement smart searches to locate undesirable porno images or movies hiding on the permanent storage media. For example, Snitch by Hyperdyne Software will help you clean porn as well as handle all the automated cleaning processes that get rid of porn and undesirable media.

In most cases these products scan storage resources using tests like auto-testing images, testing movie files to see if they contain adult material, using keyword and phrases to check for inapropriate text files, scanning browser history for porn site visitations and many more besides. The image and video tests alone make life easy by running 'porn testing' and make analyzing a computer much easier for even a beginner.

A downloadable trial version is up for grabs so you can test it first without buying blind.