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Give your PC a good clean up

If you use your computer frequently, or if you share it with one or more members of your household, there will eventually come a time when your computer will benefit from a really good clean up. Of course, it is far better to spring clean your PC sooner rather than later, as the longer you wait, the more your excess data is likely to slow down your machine.

There are a number of things you can do to clean up your PC and hard drive. A good place to start is by emptying the system's recycle bin, followed by sorting through your emails and deleting all that is obsolete, as well as emptying your email program's trash. Other ways in which to help clean up include removing temp files, cleaning up your web browser's history and cookies, and removing old programs that do not get used anymore.

A computer clean up can be done manually if desired, however a lot of PC users do not have the expertise, and even fewer have the time. The quickest and easiest way to clean up your computer is with the help of one or more cleaning programs. One good program to use for this purpose is Windows' Disk Cleanup tool which is capable of cleaning up most of the basics. The program also has an "automate" function which can help you make certain the task of cleaning your hard drive never falls through the cracks. Other more specialized cleaning programs are also available - some are free, while others need to be purchased.


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