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Content Scanner -

Sometimes it just happens, you find porn files while websurfing. Or unsuitable items might be received in emails, or other methods. If this ever comes about, discovering unwanted files might offend the person using the computer and this could leave files behind on the system. And now there are software products that can check disk resources for disgusting inappropriate imagery residing on the PC. There a few good examples of these tools, including Snitch content scanner, apparently is one of the more effective tools available.

Without exception, these software tools execute analysis passes on the hard drive including auto-testing images, testing movie files to see if they contain adult material, checking text files against keyword lists, checking for the presence of pirated MP3 audio files plus other tests for suspicious items. Just the image and movie tests incorporate intelligent scanning and quickly show inappropriate files as separate from typical photos.

The software vendor allows downloading of trial software - of course this is an advantage because you can try out the software in your own time.