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Disk Cleanup Tools - Do They Work?

Sometimes your hard disk just needs a cleaup because there are too many unused files clogging it, but on other occasions there are files there that you dont want to be there, perhaps including porn, MP3's, website logfiles, compressed files, database files, and text files that are of interest to the user. Running a porn scan will frequently resolve these problems, but while a scan is already running for porn content, its the ideal time to do the analysis on those other types of files, while scanning the images.

Doing a disk cleanup on a home PC that contains undesirable images and videos can be done using several dedicated pornography cleaning tools and disk cleanup programs like this one. These file cleaning programs are intended to cleanup adult pictures and videos from folders on the hard drive and also improve hard disk performance. Each of the most relevant disk cleanup applications can test your files for a wide assortment of file types typically on a full disk. Most of these applications can undertake image recovery, MPEG format tests, hard disk scrubbing plus various other tests.


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