Drive Cleaner Tools to Delete Porn, and Internet Filters


A range of software tools to help clean your drive

If your computer is available for use by other family members or friends, any security steps you may have taken are for various reasons, unlikely to be completely tamperproof. For example, an internet filter may filter 95% of unsuitable websites, not 100%. Or porn images may be introduced onto the hard drive via a USB stick.You can never be completely assured regarding items that have been saved to your hard disk without your approval.

But a range of modern software products are available to help you automatically scan your computer for these unwanted 'visitors'. Several drive cleaners including Media Detective and Snitch are products that purport to help with this task. If you want to check your computer for unwanted adult material, and if you want to delete porn files that you find, the best strategy may be to use a software program specially designed to locate and clean hard drive files of unwanted impostors.

With this kind of program easily available, finding and cleaning out adult files is relatively quick and painless. Some of the more full-featured applications can analyze a huge variety of file types including text files, internet documents, pictures, videos, audio files and archive files. At the completion of the search the software generates a table of all suspicious items for your review, and permits you to get rid of them or keep them at your discretion.


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