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Free Parental Controls -

Sometimes it just happens, you find porn files while searching for information online. As online porn becomes more prevalent, exposure like this is inevitable. Whatever the case may be, discovering inappropriate files might offend the person using the computer and when this occurs, it can leave undesirable files on the computer that was used. Products have been developed that say they can search the drive for any porn files which have found a home locally. There are a few different free parental controls available, such as Snitch, and of all the main products of its type, seems to have the most comprehensive set of features.

Typically, these software tools can be set to perform many functions like auto-testing images, checking movies for porn content, looking for keywords within text scannable files, reviewing internet history for suspicious web visitations and various others. The image and video tests alone use the latest technologies that can sort nudity from other standard images.

A free trial is available for evaluation and this means you can put it through its paces without any risk.