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Hard Drive Cleaner -

Occasionally by accident, you discover porno images or movies when Googling the internet. Or unsuitable items might be received in emails, or other methods. On these occasions, seeing these things can be disturbing and in the process, this may mean that copies are kept that somebody looking for them could locate. There are software tools that can use algorithms to detect undesirable porno which have found a home locally. Probably the best known software in the 'porn remover' category is Hyperdyne's Snitch hard drive cleaner, it is said to be one of the quickest scanning and most accurate available.

In general, these software applications are capable of most of these tasks: quickly checking images for nudity, checking video files for obscene materials, testing HTML and documents for suspicious keywords, seeing what users visit online and many other types of automated tests. Take for example the image and video analysis capabilities that incorporate intelligent scanning and will quickly reveal if unsuitable files exist on the computer being scanned.

You are free to trial the software for 30 days - this lets you test the application without having to buy first.