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Hard Drive Cleaner Options

There is an ever growing selection of cleanup utilities that can handle hard disk analysis and cleanup in different ways. One of the more common types is the hard drive cleaner, and for the best ones you can often obtain a free trial. But this is not all these applications can perform; several of these can also perform drive 'washing', detect and remove pornography, detect pirated software, and free space analysis.

Despite it being obvious that cleaning out your computer improves system performance, we must think about the negatives too, prior to starting cleanup. Consider the possibility that files could accidentally be deleted, either by automated tools or accidentally by the user. In addition, getting rid of unneeded files takes time, more so if it is done by hand but even using software for the task can consume time. Generally these risks are not significant and the benefits clearly override any of these minimal shortcomings.

You can clean your drive one of two ways; the first simply involves manually reviewing files and folders for deletion, or secondly you can use an automated tool to do the job. Cleaning the drive manually means stepping through all directories within the drive and choosing what files and folders are no longer useful, and purging them in your own time. The manual method is more thorough than techniques involving automated software tools but it can take some time. There are also automated programs that use information such as the file accessed date, to automatically generate a list of the files that is used to remove the files with minimal user interaction.