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What Can We Do With A Hard Drive Cleaner?

Software for cleaning hard drives comes in a few different forms. Firstly, there are hard drive cleaners that are used to detect and remove adult images and video files from a computer hard disk, and there are also cleaner products that are more suited to removing unused or unnecessary files such as temporary files, unwanted items from the recycle bin, and files that have not been used in a long time or ever.

Today I will be talking about the first type, namely products that are designed for cleaning hard drives of the inappropriate adult files that may be hidden there. We all like to think that our hard drive is clean and safe for use by our children and families, but this is not always the case. Unwanted files can creep onto a hard drive through various mechanisms, such as spyware infections, careless viewing of Internet websites of an unsavoury nature, loading CD's or connecting to networks that contain such material, all of these can be sources of files that can contaminate your hard drive. Given that a typical, modern Windows based computer can contain a quarter of a million files without too much effort, and terabyte hard drives are very common these days, the process of scanning the files and sorting out those that are adult-based, from those that are not, can seem intimidating for the average user.

This is where automated hard drive scanning and cleaning tools come into their own. A good quality hard drive cleaner like this one or even this one, can take the tedious task of examining files one by one, and apply intelligent analysis techniques to determine which of the files are suspect and need further examination, and those that are benign. Depending on the ratio between unwanted and normal files, a typical drive cleaner program can tear through hundreds of thousands of files and intelligently sort out the inappropriate ones in around half an hour. This is an incredible time saving for the average user and it can bring peace of mind when there is doubt about the content of your hard disk.

There are various products available that may meet your needs, but it's worth taking a few minutes to check on Google and find out the best tool for the job in your particular case.


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