History Eraser
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Remove the trail that leads to your private and personal data

With the continuing increase in computer and internet technology, it is getting easier and easier for cyber criminals to access the personal data contained on our PC's, which has resulted in an increase in concern by everyday folk regarding the best way to protect their private information. There are many sources of advice and opinion on the subject, some useful and some not. However, one of the most commonly given pieces of advice is for PC owners to protect themselves by using software that erases certain types of history from their computers.

One of the most common types of history eraser software is that which removes internet history. Every time you type an address into your web browser, or click on a link that takes you to a website, the information is recorded, leaving a perfectly clear trail of breadcrumbs that can be followed by anyone who knows how. This kind of trail can result in the invasion of your privacy, and even theft of your valuable data. Luckily, an internet history eraser program can significantly reduce the risk of this sort of invasion and theft by cleaning up your cache, removing cookies and any other bread crumb that may lead a cyber criminal to your private info.


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