Parental Controls Clean Up Hard Drive Porn


Applications for cleaning up pornography

There are more and more parental controls in the form of software, available on the internet for immediate download, but what do they do? Some are designed for monitoring children's typing without their knowledge, others are used to intercept internet traffic if it contains unsuitable content, while others examine the computer to find and delete all signs of adult material or inappropriate content.

Cleaning up inappropriate material is now much easier with the help of parental control tools like Snitch and Media Detective. They offer rapid automated scanning of all files on a computer, to identify images and video files that contain nudity and other unwanted content; they analyze text files in search of suspicious and inappropriate keywords and phrases; they check for internet activity that includes visiting adult sites and possibly illegal ones; and more besides. Both of these solutions make it easy to clean porn files quickly and without pain. One of their strengths is that they let novice users examine parts of their computer automatically that they otherwise would not know about. These tools delve into system folders and other hidden areas that are not normally accessible to users.

In terms of Snitch, you can download a free hard drive cleaner demo from the website, that is operational for thirty days. Media Detective has a similar arrangement for its porn cleaning software.



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