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Although doing a computer cleanup has tangible advantages, risk must also be considered before doing anything. We have to think about the fact that personal files may accidentally be erased by the software tools we may be using, or by mistake when doing this by hand. In addition, getting rid of the files that are no longer needed takes time, mainly when cleaned by hand but automated cleanup tools will take time as well. These are minor issues though and the positives are good compensation for any of these minimal shortcomings.

Your computer speed can be improved signficantly simply by removing old redundant files from your computer's hard drives. The computer can run faster when their hard drives contain a relatively small number of files that need to be sorted and kept on the machine. Any space restored after cleanup is complete will naturally offer performance improvements due to reduced clutter. And defragmentation is more effective when the system has lots of free space to shuffle files around in. And with your private data out of reach it is then unlikely that the sensitive data could be stolen by other computer users.

There is an ever growing selection of cleanup utilities that interpret the matter of hard disk cleanup in varied ways. All kinds of PC cleaner tools are out there that can scan and remove the unwanted files automatically. However there are more things these applications can perform; many can also get rid of old data from free space, scan and remove inappropriate material, find programs that are not properly licensed, and help with free space recovery.