Porn Eraser
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Delete porn from your home or business computer

If you and your family share a home PC, or if you have employees who use company computers, chances are that internet porn is of some concern to you. For years now, the internet has been flooded with internet filtering software that supposedly prevents children and employees from accessing inappropriate sites, and for the most part internet filters do just that. The downside, however, is that no internet filter is completely foolproof - some adult content and other inappropriate material can still slip through.

An solution to this dilemma has emerged in more recent years in the form of porn erasing software. A porn eraser can help you search all of your computer's drives for pornography and other inappropriate content. The types of files porn erasers are capable of scanning including image files, movies, music files, text documents, compressed files and HTML documents. All suspect files found during the search are compiled into a list which then allows you to delete the content you no longer want to keep.

Porn cleaning software can also help you search your internet history for suspect web addresses, and allow you to remove that history, thereby protecting your family or business, as well as your privacy.


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