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How do you do a successful Porn Scan?

Running a porn scan on your computer these days is much easier than it was in the dark distant past (just a few years ago). An array of porn scanning tools are available on the Internet, which can run through all the files on your hard disk and detect those that contain elements of porn such as nudity or sexual visual content, or other key elements of pornographic material such as obscenity in keywords, and attempts to hide files and their file type. Products that are able to perform a porn scan such as this and this, are designed specifically to open up visual content such as videos and images, and to analyse that content to determine whether it contains offensive material by using visual artefacts such as skintone, shapes and various other factors.

These porn scan products typically includes functionality such as ability to scan content of other file types including MP3 audio files, compressed or archived files, hidden files, renamed files, files with suspicious keywords or phrases in their title or contained Meta data, as well is being able to sort through Internet history from browsers such as Internet Explorer, chrome, Firefox and to check for inappropriate porn sites visited, porn search terms typed, and even more signs of unsuitable behaviour. This scanning is typically performed very quickly and with a high degree of accuracy, minimising the time impact for the user and maximising the user productivity.

One of the best things about this new breed of porn scanning tools is that you can download a demo of the software at no cost (usually) and test it yourself so that you can be sure what you're buying before you actually pay for it. The advantage here is clear, but make sure you don't get stuck with a product that you are not able to test beforehand.


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