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Porn Terminator -

Check online and you will quickly discover that an incredible variety of disk cleaning software utilities are out there that address 'hard disk cleaning' from various points of view. Products like the porn terminator style software are available, and many can be found on the internet. But this is not all these applications can do; as an example, several can clean up free drive space, clean up porn files, detect pirated software, and help with free space recovery.

You will need to pick one of two ways to do a hard drive clean; you can go the manual path, meaning you select and delete items by hand, or secondly you can use an automated tool to do the job. It can take longer but manual cleaning works by checking all files and directories within the drive and determining which files and folders are no longer useful, and removing them in a per-case manner. This procedure is much more thorough than scanning the drive with software tools but can be a burden. You can also make use of software tools that can determine information such as the file accessed date, and use this information to build a table of files and folders which are then cleaned off the disk automatically.