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Tools To Help Remove History Data...

It's not all that difficult to remove your Internet history from whatever browser you use. Browsers typically include some form of history removal button that will purge the Internet history list so that search terms that you typed in the past don't come up any more, and URLs that you visited previously do not appear when somebody starts to type them again. But there's more to removing history than this, because in many cases the data is not actually deleted, and it stays on the hard drive in a form that can be recovered later on.

Another factor to be aware of is that typically when Internet history is removed, the temporary files associated with that history reference are not necessarily deleted. For example you can imagine if you visit a porn site and view a number of pictures and movies, and perhaps download some, there are are going to be a number of these items stored on your computer both in the browser cache and temporary file locations. Pressing the button to remove your history may remove the record of the URL that you visited but the files themselves are likely to remain on the computer, and these can be found by other users either by accident or on purpose.

You can remove history properly by using software specially designed for the task. The right program will scan the hard drive for evidence of pornographic files, as well as removing the URL history from the browser. And additionally, some computer cleaner programs will allow you to delete browser history items securely, using a file washing process that deletes orphan data off the hard disk instead of just deleting the file reference from the file allocation table. As you may know, files that are deleted from the FAT remain on the drive until the orphaned data is gone completely. So selecting a tool that will remove all history traces is the safest plan of action.

The moral of the story: check out any history remover software before buying it, and make sure it covers all bases.


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